Reclaim Your Attention, Regain Your Focus, And Get Back To What Matters

This may be the digital age, but it’s also the age ofdistraction—and that doesn’t bode well for today’s workforce. Our attention resources have never been more competed over, or more depleted. We’re asked to process three-times the amount of information thatAmericans were in 1960, but we have less space to think and less time to focus. We’re bombarded by advertisements, alerts, and constant notifications. We can’t seem to put our phones down. It’s hard to make it 3 minutes without being interrupted.


In light of all this distraction, several things are likely true about your organization:

1) It’s fallen victim to today’s countless interferences. 

2) It’s unknowingly contributing to it’s own distraction problems. 

3) It underestimates how much it can do to solve these problems!    


In Overcoming Costly Distractions, Curt Steinhorst shares his indispensable strategies for attention-management. He simplifies the steps your employees need to take to get their most valuable resource back. By putting his insights into practice, you can gain a decisive edge over your distracted competitors.



What You Need To Know About Digital Consumers So You Can Predict Their Behavior And Win Their Business

 For many companies, today’s mainstream consumer is an enigma. No buyer has ever been so hard to reach, or so hard to keep. They seem to have conflicting expectations. Their choices are oftenunpredictable. But a consistent fact you’ll always find running through the data is this: they’re perpetually distracted. You see—attention is the essential driver behind our decision-making, and theattention of today’s consumer is all over the place.But that doesn’t mean it’s unpredictable. 

 With this intensely practical message, Curt Steinhorst helps demystify the peculiar habits and tendencies that direct our attention. He tells the story of how computers and mobile devices radically rewired the attention of buyers—especially buyers like Curt, who were raised in the digital age. Most importantly, he offers proven methods for how your company can leverage the most challenging aspects of the distracted consumer, and turn them into excitingopportunities.



How To Surprise, Inspire, And Awaken Students From Their Distracted Daze

If there’s a war being waged for our attention, then our schools are near the front lines, and our teachers are in the trenches. 

 Raised in such a fast-paced and sensory-overloaded time, and with so many sources vying for their attention, today’s students walk into school at a distinct historical disadvantage. Their capacity to remain focused wanes with every word. Their tolerance for ticking clocks expires quickly. They are the children of a distraction epidemic we helped to cause, and no one knows this better than their teachers. 

Despite all these challenges, Curt Steinhorst believes there is good news for today’s educators. 

 In Reclaiming The Distracted Classroom, Curt explains how the classroom presents a unique opportunity for teachers who understand how toengage deeper aspects of students that our tech-driven society tends to neglect. His strategies are centered on a creative return to direct-instruction. Combining his research on attention and background in communications, Curt shares his methods for surprising, inspiring, and awakening your class from its collective malaise. 




For the first time in world history, four distinctly different generations are working side by side. Each of these four generations (Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Gen Y) is guided by a different set of values, beliefs, and expectations. In Crossing the Generational Divide, Curt entertainingly reveals each generation’s preferences and priorities to highlight what they bring to the workforce—and how to build on their common ground. Curt then shares The Center for Generational Kinetics' frontline-tested process which participants can immediately rely on to lead a culture of cross-generation communication, innovation, engagement, teamwork, and performance. Filled with surprising statistics, step-by-step strategies, and laugh-out-loud stories, attendees leave this presentation prepared to make their multigenerational workforce a competitive advantage.

To learn more about “Crossing the Generational Divide Presentation” contact Emily at The Center For Generational Kinetics, LLC – Emily@GenHQ.com or 512-259-6877.