Reaching the Distracted Customer

What You Need To Know About Digital Consumers So You Can Predict Their Behavior And Win Their Business

 For many companies, today’s mainstream consumer is an enigma. No buyer has ever been so hard to reach, or so hard to keep. They seem to have conflicting expectations. Their choices are often unpredictable. But a consistent fact you’ll always find running through the data is this: they’re perpetually distracted. You see—attention is the essential driver behind our decision-making, and the attention of today’s consumer is all over the place.But that doesn’t mean it’s unpredictable. 

 With this intensely practical message, Curt Steinhorst helps demystify the peculiar habits and tendencies that direct our attention. He tells the story of how computers and mobile devices radically rewired the attention of buyers—especially buyers like Curt, who were raised in the digital age. Most importantly, he offers proven methods for how your company can leverage the most challenging aspects of the distracted consumer, and turn them into exciting opportunities.