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Can I Have Your Attention? Focus Your Team and Get Stuff Done in the Distracted Workplace

Our teams are distracted. The science of attention is clear: the recent, historic shift in technology and communication is sapping our resources at every level. Individual information consumption has quadrupled since 1986—but our brains are not 4x faster at processing. This shift fundamentally alters the way people work, communicate, and relate. The poverty of attention breeds a work culture that values responsiveness over responsibility—and productivity dwindles.

In this practical, informative speech, focus expert Curt Steinhorst delivers a wake-up call. Standard self-help productivity tactics, alone, are deficient for a world so inter-connected. Focus is, in fact, a group activity—so our strategies must be inter-productive. Together, we discover the secrets of a focus-wise culture, meetings that actually work, and realistic solutions to help put “work” back in the workplace.

Curt’s speeches provide custom solutions for the challenges facing each unique audience.

Can I Have Your Attention? Reach the Distracted Customer

Your customers’ brains have been hacked. Their limited attention resources are ever-more divided, devoured by clever psychological tricks, bottomless personalized feeds, and incessant alerts. This has dramatic implications for your sales approach.

In this market-focused speech, we learn how to reach distracted customers—and retain them. How to use technology to improve effectiveness—while maintaining control. How to leverage your customer’s distracted state to communicate more effectively. And the critical role of surprise and delight in the age of information overwhelm.