Overcoming Costly Distractions

Reclaim Your Attention, Regain Your Focus, And Get Back To What Matters


This may be the digital age, but it’s also the age of distraction—and that doesn’t bode well for today’s workforce. Our attention resources have never been more competed over, or more depleted. We’re asked to process three-times the amount of information than Americans were in 1960, but we have less space to think and less time to focus. We’re bombarded by advertisements, alerts, and constant notifications. We can’t seem to put our phones down. It’s hard to make it 3 minutes without being interrupted.

 In light of all this distraction, several things are likely true about your organization:

1) It’s fallen victim to today’s countless interferences. 

2) It’s unknowingly contributing to it’s own distraction problems. 

3) It underestimates how much it can do to solve these problems!    

In Overcoming Costly Distractions, Curt Steinhorst shares his indispensable strategies for attention-management. He simplifies the steps your employees need to take to get their most valuable resource back. By putting his insights into practice, you can gain a decisive edge over your distracted competitors.