If you’re looking for someone who can equip your people to better focus in today’s work environment and do so while keeping them entertained and engaged, look no further than Curt. He’s not just an expert on distraction—he’s also an expert at keeping an audience’s attention. He made us think, he kept us laughing, and we left knowing how to improve our lives by reclaiming our attention.
— President / CEO :: Aspen Skiing Company
Curt spoke at our annual Client Dinner and did a wonderful job bringing to life the challenges marketers face in a continuously distracted world. He was then able to provide clear direction on how to break through to consumers and set oneself up for success. We would highly encourage others to hear Curt’s message.
— Chairman / CEO :: Slingshot LLC
Everything a YPO/WPO speaker should be! Excellent in every way! Well done! ... Very, very interesting & informative ... Fantastic! Real take home value. Time flew by and I could have listened longer. Loved it! ... Off the charts! ... Nailed it! ... Curt is a great speaker and a terrific young man. He should definitely be a regular speaker at YPO and WPO meetings ... Perfect! Could not have been better ... 10+++!
— YPO Chapter [Summary of attendee evaluations :: Curt’s average score, all attendees: 9.9]
Curt’s ability to command the undivided attention of the room is second to none. For someone who claims that attention is the heart of communication, he really lives up to his message on stage.
— CEO :: NTT Data, Inc.
Curt is a great communicator. He has the ability to take a topic and make it interesting and relevant to the audience. Curt’s presentation style keeps the audience interested and engaged in the presentation, you feel like you are having an open discussion, not just being talked to.
— The Transformer Association

“We would highly encourage others to hear Curt's message.”


The reviews have been unanimously positive, across the board, and we could not have been happier with how everything went. Curt was energetic, entertaining, and engaging—and gave all-in- attendance some important things to think about. In short, Curt absolutely hit it out of the park!
— United States Naval Academy
Curt was fabulous! The audience was very engaged, the topic was extremely beneficial and he was really funny. Our United Van Lines and Mayflower agents wanted more time with him!
— Unigroup, Inc.
Curt I just can’t thank you enough. I had so many people of various ages tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation. Several people said you are the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had! Great job!
— Kansas Realtors Association
We made the right decision when we booked Curt Steinhorst to speak at our conference. Curt was professional, engaging, funny, and informative with practical tips for professionals. We received so much positive feedback about Curt from our members that I cannot recommend him highly enough!
— Utah Housing Coalition
Thank you for presenting at this year’s ReVive Conference at Texas Health Resources. We appreciate the amount of work you put into making your presentation so captivating and thought provoking. Many thanks for making time in your busy schedule to attend and make a truly great talk.
— Texas Health Resources
We received amazing feedback about the talk and that Curt’s presentation was the most enjoyable of the conference weekend! People loved the generational discussions and audience interaction in the talk. Thanks so much to Curt for coming to speak to us at Raytheon’s 2013 YESNET National Conference! You were a great inspiration for our members, and for all generations!
— Raytheon

“We appreciate the amount of work you put into making your presentation so captivating and thought-provoking.”

Curt Steinhorst knocked it out of the park as the inaugural speaker for a planned quarterly speaker series for CEOs here in Tucson. Curt’s presentation was entertaining and informative. The takeaways were plentiful. We received nothing but very positive comments after his presentation.
— President & CEO :: Tucson Metro Chamber
In preparation for our Western Region all employee training a couple of our leaders recommended Curt from previous meetings where he had spoken. They were right on the mark, Curt delivered information about Gen Y and how they make decisions in an engaging – humorous – memorable way. Even the Gen Y members of the audience saw themselves in a different way and realized how they could help GM conduct business with their generation. Curt closed our 3 day meeting in a way that sent everyone off energized and ready to use what they had learned from the training and his presentation.

If the generation gap is your team’s challenge Curt will open their eyes and allow them to see it in a completely different way regardless of which generation they are from.
— Western Regional Director :: General Motors
Curt’s perspective on Generational Differences and his exceptional communication style was the most highly regarded presentation during our Cadillac University 2013 event. We value our new relationship with Curt to help us continue the education process of our dealers on the importance of Gen Y in their business as both employees and as customers.
— Retail Integration Director :: Cadillac
Curt’s delivery is direct, funny, informative, and most importantly, from one of the generations receiving criticism in the workplace from seasoned professionals. With specific examples of how to minimize conflict and maximize team-work, productivity, and communication, Curt moves beyond defining the generations and the challenges in the workplace to specific behavioral actions that can be taken to bridge the gaps. Hire Curt, and ALL the generations will have ah-ha moments!”
— President & CEO :: Carolinas AGC
Curt Steinhorst was a featured speaker at our annual managers meeting. Our audience was predominantly baby boomers and our message was “they need to embrace the younger generations that are now in the workforce”. Curt did an outstanding job of painting a picture of the reasons for needing to make this change and how embracing it could provide a positive experience that would become a valuable corner stone for future growth. The audience loved his humorous but straight forward approach and the evaluations after the meeting indicated the participants had walked away with a new understanding and some steps to take to improve a workforce that covers multiple generations.
— SVP, Administration & Chief People Officer :: Key Energy Services, Inc.
Curt was great! Our attendees loved the program, and I’ve had numerous requests for his contact information! His presentation was upbeat, relatable to everyone and provided some education/ awareness into the generation divide we all deal with on a daily basis. Everyone walked out of our Opening Session with positive energy and it really set the tone for the rest of the week. We are extremely satisfied, and would love to work with Curt again in the future!
— Senior Marketing and Events Manager :: CBORD
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at our all employee training day. I dare say each of our employees saw their own traits, and the traits of some of their coworkers come to life like no time before. I experienced more than a few “ah ha” moments as I heard you describe engagements between my Baby Boomer self and those from Gen Y, Gen X, and even the Traditionalist sets. Conversations around the office have been lively today. I look forward to discussions on how we can improve our communications amongst ourselves as well as with our consumers. Thanks for the informative lesson. I know our employees are richer for it.
— CEO & General Manager :: Wood County Electric Cooperative

“Thanks for the informative lesson. I know our employees are richer for it.”


Curt has been a valued partner for me. I can’t recommend him enough for anyone who seeks to hone their message and present it effectively.
— Darren Woodson :: 3-Time Super Bowl champion, 5 time Pro Bowl NFL safety, and ESPN analyst
Curt has a unique ability to rapidly improve your communication skills and ensure your intent is communicated clearly. Curt has played a critical role in my success.
— Lauren ‘Lolo’ Scruggs :: author of ‘Still Lolo’, E! News guest correspondent
Promentum will increase your performance on stage, on camera, and in life. I highly recommend them if you are serious about winning when it comes to communications. I use them and they have helped me tremendously!
— Jenn Brown :: NFL Network Lead Host
Curt presented to my Young President’s Organization forum of nine company CEOs on the subject of effective communications. In a matter of minutes he converted the audience of “been there done that” CEOs into true believers of his method. After the meeting, a number of the forum members engaged Curt to present to and train their executive teams.
— CEO & President :: RecruitMilitary LLC
Thank you for the instruction you provided me during our two day crash course. I felt like I not only got a lot better presenting the material, but really learned the techniques of building a great speech ... Thanks again for helping me in an area I lack confidence. Safe travel and gig ‘em.
— Texas A&M Football Coaching Staff

“I can't recommend him enough for anyone who seeks to hone their message and present it effectively.”