Reclaiming the Distracted Classroom

How To Surprise, Inspire, And Awaken Students From Their Distracted Daze

 If there’s a war being waged for our attention, then our schools are near the front lines, and our teachers are in the trenches. 

 Raised in such a fast-paced and sensory-overloaded time, and with so many sources vying for their attention, today’s students walk into school at a distinct historical disadvantage. Their capacity to remain focused wanes with every word. Their tolerance for ticking clocks expires quickly. They are the children of a distraction epidemic we helped to cause, and no one knows this better than their teachers. 

Despite all these challenges, Curt Steinhorst believes there is good news for today’s educators. 

 In Reclaiming The Distracted Classroom, Curt explains how the classroom presents a unique opportunity for teachers who understand how to engage deeper aspects of students that our tech-driven society tends to neglect. His strategies are centered on a creative return to direct-instruction. Combining his research on attention and background in communications, Curt shares his methods for surprising, inspiring, and awakening your class from its collective malaise.