You’re very good about checking the battery life on your phone and charging it if necessary. You’re careful to do the same for your laptop. But do you show the same concern for checking, charging, and preserving our own mental energy?

You should. It’s time to stop wasting mental energy and precious time. Here are a few ways to do this:

  •  Eliminate the expectation of immediate response times. The quicker you respond, typically the less useful your response.
  • Quit with the cc’ing everyone on everything phenomenon. Just stop it. Bosses- stop asking for it. Please.
  • Change the cultural expectations by actually talking about what you expect. It’s time to meet together and discuss when people should be expected to respond. I actually get work done at 8pm while my family watches TV. I don’t need you to respond at 8:35PM. You don’t know that unless I tell you.
  • Ask yourself, ‘what’s the goal of this communication, and how can I eliminate steps to reach that goal?’ (ie. first email: lunch at 11:45 at Mi Cocina on Commerce?”).

Sometimes it’s the irrational expectations we force upon ourselves that sap our energy. Now, let’s put these tips into practice.