I recently wrote this article for AGBeat.com. Read the full story here! Here's a sample preview:

Lance Armstrong and Manti T'eo have recently dominated headlines, but the lesson for your own business isn't in crisis management, it's in owning your own story.

Manti Te’o and Lance Armstrong have had better months. After manufacturing stories that captured the hearts of the country, the world demanded the very thing that Ricky Ricardo exclaimed to Lucy on countless occasions, “You got some splainin’ to do.”

Because I provide messaging consultation and media training to a number of high profile athletes, I’ve been quizzed incessantly about how well each athlete performed. The truth is, though, the critical lessons people should glean from these events have nothing to do with crisis management. Very few of us will ever be forced to explain to an audience of 28 million people why they lied about taking drugs, or how the love of their life does not actually exist.

This whole mess is really about the power that story has on our lives. We are all beholden to it. Both Lance and Manti received exponential increases in fame, financial potential, and groupie count because of it. A great story engages our emotions, remains in our memory, and moves us to action....