Which came first? My waning productivity or this incredibly compelling video of a kitten splashing around in his bowl of milk on youtube? Did the kitten take me away from a tedious task or did I go looking for the kitten because of the tedious task?  

Here’s some good news: it’s totally normal to get distracted at work. 

And for the increasing numbers of us who work from home or telecommute? Distractions multiplied! Your kids. House of Cards. That chocolate cake from last night that will only go bad if someone doesn’t eat it. 

My advice? Give in.

Well, ok, only a little. And only if it's scheduled. Because here’s some more good news: we can be mindful about when we choose to distract ourselves.

Try this: schedule 15% of your day for distractions. If you can manage 85% productivity throughout the day, you’ll be doing great. 
Embrace the distractions. Plan them in advance. You'll get more done that way.