Let's hope if a baseball bat was flying at your face,  you'd  have been paying attention long enough to put your hands up.  

This poor guy getting clocked in the face tells us what most of us already know: Major League Baseball is boring its fans. The fact is, MLB is unable to satisfy the modern audience's appetites.


Today’s consumers are Short-Form Conditioned. That is, we prefer things that:

  • only take a short amount of time
  • only require a short number of steps
  • are only a short distance away from something else we can move on to

That’s why we tune in to SportsCenter to see a highlight reel,  instead of sitting down and watching the actual games. It's also why baseball tickets are so cheap these days. 

MLB is catching on. They're instituting new rules that will save time and hopefully speed up the game, keep the action moving. 

But it won’t be enough.

With a long season and long games, baseball is simply asking too much of the new short-form conditioned sports fan.  MLB will need to overhaul the sport if they want to grip the modern audience. 

Nobody wants to be the guy getting hit in the face. But ask yourself: does your business have an MLB problem? Are you moving so slow that your audience isn't even watching

photo by slgckgc