Last week, I had a horrible experience with OneGuard Home Warranty.  Don't let a bad customer experience ruin your productivity like I did.  More about how to do this from my recent article on 

Here are the two key tips on managing bad emotions: 

Step 1: Label it. Literally, acknowledge the emotion you are experiencing. By simply becoming aware of it you are actually reducing its power. In this case, I should have said ‘I’m currently experiencing the emotion of anger.’

Step 2: Re-appraise. Put the emotion in its proper context. Emotions bring focus. And typically whatever you are focusing on at the moment is less important than you feel it is. By simply re-contextualizing the experience, the arousing emotion no longer controls you. ie. ‘I’m angry right now because of a situation that is costing me 400 dollars. These people don’t really know me. It’s not personal. It’s a bad business practice. And it’s not worth my time.’