Great news for those of you who think you can multi-task: you might be right!

... but probably not.  

According to a new study from University of Utah researcher David Strayer, about 2% of the population actually improves during intense multi-tasking (driving while talking on the phone while answering math problems while remembering colors).

The problem? You probably are not one of them.  Why? Because the people who think they are the exception are the clearest examples of the rule.

Your brain is wonderful at a lot of things.  Accurate self assessment is not one of them. What happens during multi-tasking is that it stimulates your brain, making you feel good.  That productive euphoria gives you the impression that you are killing it, taking the world by storm.  What you are really doing is losing 40% in efficiency due to the re-start mechanism that takes place every time you switch between tasks… unless you are one of the few. Which you aren’t.

For more information on the fascinating phenomena of Supertaskers, check out this New Yorker article:

photo credit:
Ryan Ritchie